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As part of my backup strategy, I have decided to upload my backups to BackBlaze (a relatively cheap cloud provider). These web backups do contain sensitive data and until now I have not encrypted them. However that's about to change! Encrypting files on Debian isn't something I've done before so I'm documenting my process for future reference.

A quick problem I ran into today with sending mail from a VPS with IPv6 enabled to a Google email address.

Uh oh. Woke up on Sunday morning with an email from to inform me my website was down.

Recently I managed to get hold of a KS1 from Kimsufi. They're a challenge to get hold of as they're so popular but they are great little machines: Atom N2800, 2GB RAM and 500GB disk. The drive has 32962 power on hours, so been around for a while but seems healthy. If you want to get hold of your own KS1 or any popular and often out of stock Kimsufi machine, I'd recommend Check OVH. Anyway these machines are great for torrenting Linux ISO's and that is what I intend to use it for... Below is a simple guide on getting everything set up using Deluge Web UI.

Because I never remember how to do this, here's the process for installing new locales on Debian. In this case we will be installing a Spanish locale.

Sometimes I need to duplicate commits across multiple git repositories. As with a lot of things in git, there's more than one way to do this.

Recently I noticed I've not been able to paste Unicode characters into an ssh session when using Cygwin. Pasting them into the terminal locally worked fine. Here follows how to determine the issue and the simple solution.

As I continue my attempt to learn vim, I thought it was also time to put my common dotfiles in git so it is easier to transfer the configuration from machine to machine.

For better or worse, I am making a significant effort to learn vim. No more shall I reach for the mouse to change some text or add a bracket! Ultimately my goal is not to necessarily stick with vim, but to be familar enough with its shortcuts to be able to switch to vim mode in another editor - perhaps Sublime. Perhaps even Visual Studio Code. Below are my notes on key keys, I plan to add to this as I learn new features of vim. I am also reading vim for humans, it focuses on making vim usable rather than teaching you the intricies and it is a good read if you want to be productive from the get-go. Along with this I did vimtutor which is a useful primer on vim shortcuts.

I have started to use Deployer a task runner/deployment tool written in PHP for deploying my site in a single command.

For some reason, GitHub doesn't show you stats at an organisational level. I have been interested in seeing total organisational commits by committer for a while now so decided to grab this data from the GitHub API. Turns out, as always, it's not quite that simple.