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Fixing Cygwin Unicode issues

Latest Post Published: 1 month ago web dev

Recently I noticed I've not been able to paste Unicode characters into an ssh session when using Cygwin. Pasting them into the terminal locally worked fine. Here follows how to determine the issue and the simple solution.

Managing dotfiles in git

Published: 1 month ago web dev

As I continue my attempt to learn vim, I thought it was also time to put my common dotfiles in git so it is easier to transfer the configuration from machine to machine.

Vim: Key Keys

Published: 2 months ago web dev

For better or worse, I am making a significant effort to learn vim. No more shall I reach for the mouse to change some text or add a bracket! Ultimately my goal is not to necessarily stick with vim, but to be familar enough with its shortcuts to be able to switch to vim mode in another editor - perhaps Sublime. Perhaps even Visual Studio Code. Below are my notes on key keys, I plan to add to this as I learn new features of vim. I am also reading vim for humans, it focuses on making vim usable rather than teaching you the intricies and it is a good read if you want to be productive from the get-go. Along with this I did vimtutor which is a useful primer on vim shortcuts.

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