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Vim: Key Keys

Latest Post Published: 3 hours ago web dev

For better or worse, I am making a significant effort to learn vim. No more shall I reach for the mouse to change some text or add a bracket! Ultimately my goal is not to necessarily stick with vim, but to be familar enough with its shortcuts to be able to switch to vim mode in another editor - perhaps Sublime. Perhaps even Visual Studio Code. Below are my notes on key keys, I plan to add to this as I learn new features of vim. I am also reading vim for humans, it focuses on making vim usable rather than teaching you the intricies and it is a good read if you want to be productive from the get-go. Along with this I did vimtutor which is a useful primer on vim shortcuts.

Thoughts on Deployer

Published: 2 weeks ago php web dev

I have started to use Deployer a task runner/deployment tool written in PHP for deploying my site in a single command.

Get GitHub total organisation commits by commiter

Published: 1 month ago web dev

For some reason, GitHub doesn't show you stats at an organisational level. I have been interested in seeing total organisational commits by committer for a while now so decided to grab this data from the GitHub API. Turns out, as always, it's not quite that simple.

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