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Website downtime

Latest Post Published: 1 month ago web dev

Uh oh. Woke up on Sunday morning with an email from ServiceUptime.com to inform me my website was down.

Setting up a seedbox on a Kimsufi

Published: 2 months ago web dev

Recently I managed to get hold of a KS1 from Kimsufi. They're a challenge to get hold of as they're so popular but they are great little machines: Atom N2800, 2GB RAM and 500GB disk. The drive has 32962 power on hours, so been around for a while but seems healthy. If you want to get hold of your own KS1 or any popular and often out of stock Kimsufi machine, I'd recommend Check OVH. Anyway these machines are great for torrenting Linux ISO's and that is what I intend to use it for... Below is a simple guide on getting everything set up using Deluge Web UI.

Installing new locales on Debian

Published: 2 months ago web dev

Because I never remember how to do this, here's the process for installing new locales on Debian. In this case we will be installing a Spanish locale.

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