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Fixing IE Error: Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded

I stumbled upon this error in the IE10 preview today. It's an easy fix.


Windows Azure: It's pretty good

A few weeks ago Microsoft released a new preview for Windows Azure. It includes a host of new features such as Windows/Linux VM support, a new admin portal, node.js support, Git publishing and more.


Firefox 4 is out!

We've just had IE 9 released and now the final version of Firefox 4 has come out too and spoilt IE's thunder. First impressions: brilliant! Easy upgrade, its fast and it looks great to boot.


Internet Explorer 9 is here

This week saw the RTM release of Internet Explorer 9. It finally brings IE up to date with support for HTML 5, CSS 3 and a much faster Javascript engine. Please note: you may pick up a slight bias in the following post.


CodeIgniter 2 has been released

A few days ago CodeIgniter 2 was (finally) released and I've now upgraded this site to run it. CI2 drops PHP 4 support and adds a 'core' branch for Ellis Labs own product development and a 'reactor' branch for community-led development. A good idea I think, considering the slow development progress of CI recently. Anyway my upgrade to CI2 wasn't exactly plain sailing and I've listed the problems -...



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tools icon 17 June 2012

Updates to the blog URL generator that fixes a few issues, a new captcha to reduce the number of spam submissions and a few other minor updates.